She did fundamentally big date again, not for a long time

That said, I know a person who shed their particular boyfriend in an exceedingly harrowing means (he passed away in a car accident, and you may she is new driver which essentially walked away in place of good scratch), and she try never some an identical. But even before she returned to the new relationship scene, it is far from instance she is unable to become pleased, was always resting to weeping on the their particular boyfriend, etc. This is the region throughout the “Rory mourns Prim’s passing for the rest of his lifestyle” fanon indisputable fact that annoys me personally, I guess much more as compared to “Rory never schedules or marries” part of it.

Because the that’s exactly how Rory are displayed when you look at the fanfics povezan ovdje a great deal, that we imagine is quite unrealistic, as also Katniss, which I believe most create agree liked Prim more than someone, eventually relates to conditions with her demise most of the time

If you find yourself I have mentioned this in advance of during the a slightly more ways; I am not saying proclaiming that most of these fanon theories was totally wrong, absurd, otherwise anything by doing this, otherwise looking to shame individuals who believe all of them. It’s simply that many who keep them frequently believe they is actually needless to say true, and possess some rude when the ideas is actually confronted.

I actually do agree, although, that you could get over the increasing loss of a liked one instead fundamentally “progressing” into a new dating

Thank you. I’m alert to the new “I detest Mrs. Everdeen, therefore it is plausible she was a cheating spouse” train from believe – it had been just what somebody told you for the HG Fireside Cam whenever they were discussing you to crackpot theory, that they, on my surprise at that time, imagine try probable. It is an example of “either/or” convinced, based on the indisputable fact that, when someone try flawed in a number of suggests or if perhaps i dislike them, they have to be bad in just about any almost every other means also and you can can not have any redeeming properties. Regardless if within the cannon, Mrs Everdeen isn’t portrayed while the a lady just who doesn’t care and attention anywhere near this much about their particular high school students or people, the woman is portrayed once the a person who are deeply in love with their unique husband and you will dropped towards an intense depression after his demise, along with her bad mothering is due to their own illness. Additionally, it is dependent one she is playing with anti-depressants, and therefore she did not have at the time immediately after their partner’s demise. I’ve found it hard observe how meaning she need to provides cheated on her behalf husband, otherwise as to the reasons dropping to your depression and never being able to bring care of herself otherwise their youngsters from guilt would-be way more probable versus exact same happening due to a loss in a loved one. Something different one influences myself because unusual is that Mr. Mellark is never subject to these criticism. You will find not witnessed all those who trust this theory declare that cheating with the their partner which have a wedded woman tends to make your a bad guy (not to mention that it would indicate he had been right up to own an event with Mrs Everdeen, but don’t do just about anything to simply help their after her husband’s passing), otherwise that it is possible he would accomplish that once the he was a bad father – and you can I have not witnessed him named a detrimental father, even in the event the guy in addition to were unsuccessful his child, by maybe not protecting him out-of discipline. And i also consider you might be the only person whom ever before discussed that principle would make Mr. Mellark a great deadbeat dad just who assist their own physical child starve. I guess “he had been scared of their wife” is seen as an effective enough reason, more powerful than Mrs Everdeen’s depression.

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