datenraum Review is a safe, web-based storage and synchronization program for Dokumente. It allows businesses to maintain, discuss and collaborate on documents intralinks dealspace within a controlled environment. Investment banks, Private Equity firms, and many other organizations use virtual information rooms for Due Diligence to collect details, automate processes, and be more effective. They are a valuable resource for any business who relies on centralized data and clear reporting.

A virtual data room (VDR) is a cloud-based platform that offers secure and versatile access to a wide range of highly sensitive corporate documentation during M&A transactions and DD processes. It is used to manage sensitive company data and documents by lawyers, accountants and others during a DD or transaction project. It can easily be accessed anywhere and on any device. It is also used to upload and save both internal documents and external ones.

A VDR gives you the opportunity to provide your most sensitive documents to investors, purchasers or auditors in a controlled manner, while retaining complete control of who can access them. It enables you to perform DD & M&A projects with greater efficiency and transparency, whilst minimising risks of data breaches, intellectual property theft and litigation. It also provides you with a comprehensive audit log that proves when and who accessed files, giving peace of mind to know that the data will be protected at all time.

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